After application, students who receive an acceptance letter can begin the pre-enrolment procedure. All students who have studied at a non-Italian University must follow the procedures indicated below in order to complete official enrolment in autumn.

Procedures for students with a conditional acceptance letter:

1. Students must obtain the legalisation and/or AJA Apostille of all academic qualifications (high school diploma; university diploma; university transcripts indicating all exams taken). All documents must be officially translated into Italian and authenticated by the authorities of the country in which they were issued (except for specific international agreements and conventions providing for exemption).

2. The next step is to obtain a Declaration of Value (Dichiarazione di Valore in Loco) of all degrees. Each authenticated and officially translated degree/diploma/academic title must be accompanied by the Declaration of Value (a certificate stating the equivalence –according to Italian parameters- of the earned degree). This certificate is issued by the Italian Embassy or Consulate in the country in which the qualification was awarded and it is required for enrolment. Once students have obtained the Declaration of Value, they are required to send a scanned copy to  in order to receive a formal acceptance letter. The formal acceptance letter is necessary for the visa application process as well as for the request for a permit to stay in Italy (pemesso di soggiorno).

Procedures for non-EU students with a formal acceptance letter:

Non-EU citizens living abroad, who do not already possess an Italian residence permit, must submit a pre-application request to the Italian diplomatic representation (Embassy/Consulate) in their country of residence. The competent Italian Embassy/Consulate is the authority responsible for accepting their pre-applications and checking if they meet the requirements for the study visa.

Formal application for a study visa must be made at the Italian diplomatic authority in the student’s country of residence. Indications regarding the visa application procedure can be found here.

To apply, students must submit the formal acceptance letter (issued by the Master in Economics Admissions Office) together with all required documentation as decided by each Italian Diplomatic Authority. The Italian Diplomatic Authority in each country can be found here. Although application requirements vary from embassy to embassy, it is very likely that students will be asked to provide the following during the visa application process:

1. Visa application form.
2. Passport sized photo.
3. Passport or travel document valid for at least three months after the visa expiry date.
4. Proof of means of support in Italy of at least € 450 for each month for the entire academic year. Financial means can be proven through:
• proof of personal or family resources;
• guarantee of financial resources by accredited Italian institutions or agencies, local governments, or foreign institutions or agencies considered trustworthy by the Italian Diplomatic Authorities.
5. Declaration of the availability of appropriate lodgings in Italy.
Please note that the information above is general information only, and students are advised to contact the Italian Diplomatic Authorities in their home country to obtain precise indications regarding the visa application process and any specific  requirements and process details for citizens of their home country.
6. To find out if a visa pre-application request has been accepted, applicants must contact the Embassy or Consulate where it was originally submitted.

For further queries, students may contact 
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