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Festival of Civil Economy and Master MESCI

"In good company" is the theme of the 2022 edition of the Festival of Civil Economy which, in the period of uncertainty, places our attention on the growing demand for the meaning of life that people place in relation to their work and quality of life.

Productive & memorable days those going on!

Development Cycle Management and Planning module helps students to grasp what is meant by Project Management in development projects, in line with the philosophies of different donor organizations!

Best MESCI student of the year 2020/2021 !

Cristian Foroni, MESCI student with the highest final grade 110/110 cum laude and with the highest results in all the courses. His dedication towards studies is really inspiring! Wishing Cristian many years of achievement of his goal and success!

Congratulations to MESCI master students for sucessfully completing the workshop in Barcelona!

Students,divided in work groups made a research by selecting case studies that respond as closely as possible to the disaster type and/or geographic locations assigned. Each group presented their disaster research, case study analysis, and critique in a digital presentation.

Climate risk: can it be modelled with standard tools? What can economics tell us on natural disasters?

Our course "Making the Sustainability transition work" is answering to these questions, is addressing the economic analysis of energy and pollution problems and with current italian Constitution higher protection is being given to environment, biodiversity, animals and ecosystems!

Pleased to announce and welcome on board Ms. Eriona Zeqiri who is going to bring her own experience, learning, educational background gained through the academic and professional career path.

She is an ex-student of MESCI and has finished her doctorate studies in Public Management and Governance at Tor Vergata University. Parallel with the studies she has been working for many years as part of an important international organization devoted to promoting the rule of law and shaping the debate about human rights and development. With the remarkable talent and skills she possesses, we know she will be a valuable asset to our master.

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Our MESCI master increases your chances of enhancing personal development, gives you a head start in your career and helps you to acquire excellent professional connections to help build your future. So hurry and JOIN US!

Practice and continuous improvement with our master!

Our students delivering effective presentations and interacting succesfully with the audience. Keep working hard like that! 

Master MESCI - Bridging Skills for Sustainable Development

Master in Development Economics and International Cooperation Bridging Skills for Sustainable Development is a 1 year international Masters (M2 level) programme (60 credits) in development economics and international cooperation. at the School of Economics of the University of Rome Tor Vergata.

The programme, which is taught in English, provides a solid grounding in the most recent economic theory in micro- and macroeconomics, as well as in econometrics and statistics.

This intensive Master aims to equip students with an in-depth understanding of economic development issues, as well as with analytical skills and methods for applied research on poverty, inequality, migration, labour, credit, gender, environmental and trade issues.

Courses are grounded in the current challenges the world is facing in the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals and students are provided with opportunities to learn and interact with staff from United Nations specialized agencies headquartered in Rome (FAO, IFAD and WFP), where many past students have subsequently gone on to undertake internships and to find employment.


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