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Pleased to announce and welcome on board  Ms. Eriona Zeqiri who is going to bring her own experience, learning, educational background gained through the academic and professional career path. New journey for MESCI students! COUNTRY AMBASSADOR!!! MESCI SUCCESS STORY WELCOME TO OUR XX EDITION! BLENDED LEARNING 20 YEARS OF MESCI

Pleased to announce and welcome on board Ms. Eriona Zeqiri who is going to bring her own experience, learning, educational background gained through the academic and professional career path.

She is an ex-student of MESCI and has finished her doctorate studies in Public Management and Governance at Tor Vergata University. Parallel with the studies she has been working for many years as part of an important international organization devoted to promoting the rule of law and shaping the debate about human rights and development. With the remarkable talent and skills she possesses, we know she will be a valuable asset to our master.

New journey for MESCI students!

MESCI programme is glad to announce the beginning of master classes for the year 2022. Congratulations to all MESCI XX students as they start this new chapter in their life. This new journey will be an exciting experience and wish all of them to get best of it in academic and personal terms. Everybody will learn many new things and benefit from discussing with professors and sharing experiences with each other. Although studying is gaining new dimensions under the current circumstances, combining both physical presence and on-line learning, our students are doing a great job handling all the changes and the challenges brought forward .” Keep it up guys! Continue bringing your incredible personality and positive energy in keeping up with present situation.”


José David Solórzano Lopez is the first #MESCI student from Nicaragua. We nominate him the ambassador for this country! Would you like to tell us some interesting facts about Nicaragua @José?


Kayley Moore is from #MESCI 19. After finishing the programme she came back to her native country New Zealand and started the internship in UNA NZ. Here on the photo, she is on the UNANZ conference took place at Parliament in New Zealand. And this was only the start of her career because now Kayley is a member of Accounts and Project Management team at one of very important at national level companies. Well-done Kayley!!!


Today we started our 20th edition. We must say that this is very special one: after a long on-line period for pandemic reasons, we finally have had our first post-covid “blended modality” lectures. Dear MESCI XX welcome on board and good luck!


Students willing and able to join the campus will attend classes in presence, while the remaining will join in streaming on line. The number of student in class will be limited and places will be booked daily. We are so happy to welcome you back to the campus!


Since our previous edition in 2002 many things happened and the world has changed, but the enthusiasm of our students and our commitment are still the same. 20 years of study More than 500 students Around 100 professors Hundreds of seminars, events ecc. and many experiences, friendships and many memories…

Master MESCI - Bridging Skills for Sustainable Development

Master in Development Economics and International Cooperation Bridging Skills for Sustainable Development is a 1 year international Masters (M2 level) programme (60 credits) in development economics and international cooperation. at the School of Economics of the University of Rome Tor Vergata.

The programme, which is taught in English, provides a solid grounding in the most recent economic theory in micro- and macroeconomics, as well as in econometrics and statistics.

This intensive Master aims to equip students with an in-depth understanding of economic development issues, as well as with analytical skills and methods for applied research on poverty, inequality, migration, labour, credit, gender, environmental and trade issues.

Courses are grounded in the current challenges the world is facing in the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals and students are provided with opportunities to learn and interact with staff from United Nations specialized agencies headquartered in Rome (FAO, IFAD and WFP), where many past students have subsequently gone on to undertake internships and to find employment.

Bye bye Mesci 19...

Final exams are completed now and MESCI 19 edition is over now. Thank you all guys, IT HAS BEEN A TOUGH, BUT FABOULOUS YEAR!

Academic Organization

We work hard to provide to our students skills and competences in the creation of sustainable value. To this purpose we offer all the experience and talent of a staff of professors and experts.


So what difference will a master's degree really make to you? And can you measure your return on investment?


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