MESCI-Development Economics and International Cooperation

Master in
Development Economics and
International Cooperation

Alumni 2012/2013



I am 30 years old from Rome, Italy. I studied, during my first MA, Development Economics with a specific focus on Migration Flows. Ihave had the opportunity to research on this topic in some Consulates in New York City for few months. I also have had an internship in Geneva, at the Permanent Mission of Italy to the International Organizations. I followed in particular the works of WTO, Unctad and ITC. This experience strengthened my deep believe that the International Cooperation is one of the more effective and powerful tool to improve the liberties and the well being of everyone. I think the MESCI course will improve my knowledge and my skills on these topics and, at the same time, a such multicultural environment will reinforce my open-mind approach that is, from my point of view, the base for a fruitful cooperation.