MESCI-Development Economics and International Cooperation

Master in
Development Economics and
International Cooperation

Alumni 2013/2014

Hannah REID


My name is Hannah Reid. I am an aspiring social activist from Canada with an academic background in International Development Studies. I have extensive experience living and traveling abroad, both as a student and as a professional in the development sector. Since obtaining my Bachelor of Arts degree in 2011, I have completed a year-long internship (in partnership with the Canadian International Development Agency) with a nonprofit organization in Mexico. There, I gained hands-on experience in the economic development sector as a market research analyst and organic agriculture facilitator. I have also been involved in numerous development initiatives (both in Canada and abroad), ranging from housing construction to community outreach demonstrations. Directly before arriving in Italy, I concluded a fundraising and public outreach position for an exemplary environmental organization in Canada. As my academic and professional experiences (as well as my relentless passion for globe-trotting) have allowed me to view development from a wide range of perspectives, I am eager to specialize my knowledge through Tor Vergata's Development Economics and International Co-operation Master's program. My ultimate goal is to develop a career path that will allow me professionally, academically and personally participate in creating a better world.