MESCI-Development Economics and International Cooperation

Master in
Development Economics and
International Cooperation

Alumni 2013/2014



I grew up in the periphery of Mexico City, where I lived until I obtained my bachelor's degree in Architecture from Monterrey Tech (ITESM). Afterwards, I moved to the city of Monterrey, where I obtained a master's degree in Sustainable Development of the City, also from ITESM. I have worked for the cement and concrete industry in projects related to sustainable construction and materials. I also had the opportunity to give a couple of courses on the same topic in the University of Monterrey (UDEM) and CEDIM, also in Monterrey. With a special interest in self-built housing, as well as in planning and urban development in developing countries, I found in the Mundus Urbano programme, its interdisciplinary environment, and the specialization in Economics for Development in the second year in MESCI, a great opportunity to further develop my career.