MESCI-Development Economics and International Cooperation

Master in
Development Economics and
International Cooperation

Alumni 2013/2014



I was lucky to be born in the UNESCO World Heritage City of Lviv, Ukraine, where I earned a Masters Degree in International Relations from the National Ivan Franko University and first started my career as a public servant. For the last five years my competencies within the City Council of Lviv were tightly related to promotion of international activities and technical supervision of international projects, including the European Football Championships 2012 in Lviv, which took many years of thorough preparation, and triggered urban development in the city. My favorite project was implemented in cooperation with International Intervision Institute and the city of Vienna, and was aimed at strategy development to brand the stadium legacy area with a specific identity. Inter alia, I am alumna of High Level Exchange Program by German Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Summer Academy on Eastern Partnership and Good Governance by Carl Friedrich Goerdeler-Kolleg, FutureLabEurope, by the European Policy Centre.