MESCI-Development Economics and International Cooperation

Master in
Development Economics and
International Cooperation

Alumni 2014/2015



I am Abdul-Walid and hail fromGhana, a fun loving person, down to earth and very open minded. Prior to this study, I had my undergraduate studies in the field of Economics, during which I had internships with one of the Policy think Thanks in the country where I worked as a Research Associate and then proceeded to work in the Bank as an Administrative/Research Officer on secondment from that same institution. Theexposure coupled with my study in the field of Economics has given me firsthand knowledge and insight into practical and tested theories and how best and well they have either worked and affected productivity especially within the sectors of development particularly from a developing country such as mine. The idea has always been to continue along that path and to broaden my knowledge and understanding of much more multi-dimensional and dynamic approaches and theories within the development framework, and to be able to translate research concepts into operational market research as well as to develop findings, and Yes “Tor Vergata” provides me with exactly that. A program such as this with a much more multi-cultural approach puts me in the right space. It is a great opportunity to be here considering most of the other students come around from so many different countries with very unique and different economic views related to their countries. To top it all up I am in Rome, now who wouldn’t love that? Exactly what I thought.