MESCI-Development Economics and International Cooperation

Master in
Development Economics and
International Cooperation

Alumni 2014/2015



Hi, my name is Keshia and was born and raised in London. I studied Economics at the University of Birmingham. I have always had an interest in development as my family originates from Ghana, which meant that I grew up surrounded by two cultures; Ghanaian and British. The differences between my two cultures led me to study Economics to better understand the reasons for the variation between their national incomes. I enjoy traveling and experiencing other cultures, which is why I recently taught English in Indonesia, as well as completing an internship in the Bank of Africa, in Ghana, before that. The international atmosphere of the MESCI program and the opportunity to broaden my knowledge of international community, and integrate it with economic knowledge is what attracted me to this program. I believe that MESCI will help me achieve my career goal of working with an organization to implement sustainable ways of alleviating poverty.