MESCI-Development Economics and International Cooperation

Master in
Development Economics and
International Cooperation

Alumni 2015/2016



My name is Iulia Isaeva. I graduated Cum Laude from South Ural State University in Russia in with a Bachelor’s Degree in World Economy, with a specialization in Customs Charges and Currency Control. My main areas of academic interest were politic, economic and trade relations. After graduation I pursued further education in Canada and completed a one year Diploma of International Trade. In January 2015 I was accepted into 6 moths internship program with the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe based in Geneva, Switzerland. Working for the UN gave me an opportunity to better realize the global issues, such as poverty, hunger and disparity between developing and developed countries in their economic developments. I properly believe, international co-operation and right economic solutions lead to global growth and development. That is why I decided to do my Master degree in this field to get in-depth knowledge of development economics, trade and finance In order to achieve my ultimate goal of a career in politics and international relations.