XXXII Edition

July 5-8, 2021

Lessons from Covid-19.
A stronger EU: Staying together in a new policy space


The Villa Mondragone International Economic Seminar started in 1989 as an international network addressing the development and growth economic issues. The Seminar, drawing inspiration from the ideas and proposals of the 2006 Nobel Prize Edmund S. Phelps, is directed by Luigi Paganetto.

From the beginning and for most of the years, Prof. Phelps has contributed not only with his high and invaluable scientific contribution, but also by choosing issues on the frontier of Economics and inviting many outstanding participants.

A huge network of economists and experts, as shown in the cloud,have joint the initiative and continuously contributed to several editions.
A large number of publications has been the outcome of the conference.

The network of economists around the conference has also founded the Villa Mondragone Economic Development Association.



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