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Coursework Phase

Courses are taught over three terms: Fall, Spring and Summer. Taught courses usually consist of 12 or 18 hours of lectures and may be organized over either 2 or 3 weeks. To test progress in the program, one-week take-home exams are given in January and in mid-June.

Courses are divided into three fields: Econometrics and Quantitative Finance, Macroeconomics and Microeconomics. In addition to taught courses, students must select at least one weekly seminar.


The Fall term (October - December) is devoted to the following courses:

Preliminary Courses

Econometrics and Quantitative Finance Area

  • Convex Optimization - Prof. M. C. Pinar (Bilkent U.)
  • Measure Theory and Stochastic Process - Prof. D. E. Pirino
  • Asset Pricing_Pricing and Hedging in Complete and Incomplete Markets Dr K. Colaneri

Macroeconomic Area

Microeconomic Area

  • General Equilibrium - Prof. L. Ferraris
  • Health Economics - Prof. M. Lindeboom (V.U. Amsterdam)



The Spring term (October - December) is devoted to the following courses:

Econometrics and Quantitative Finance Area

Macroeconomic Area

  • Applied Macroeconomics - Prof. V. Carvalho (U. of Cambridge) -suspended for COVID-19
  • Bayesian Macroeconomics - Prof. S. Grassi
  • Financial Bubbles - Prof. G. Bloise
  • Topics in Behavioural Macroeconomics - Prof. R. Waldmann
  • Topics in Development Economics - Prof. F. C. Rosati, Prof. P. Scaramozzino

Microeconomic Area

  • Applied Microeconomics and Procurement -  Prof. F. De Carolis (U. Bocconi), Prof. E. Iossa, Prof. G. Spagnolo (Stockholm U.) - postponed to next year
  • Topics in Game Theory - Prof. J. Renault (Toulouse School of Economics)
  • Topics in Industrial Organization - Prof. T. Valletti
  • Topics in Incentive Theory - Prof. V. Farinha Luz (U. of British Columbia) -suspended for COVID-19


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