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General description

The program lasts 4 years, and it consists of two phases: a coursework phase and a dissertation phase.

PhD candidates are granted the doctoral degree after successfully completing all their coursework and defending a dissertation that represents an original and significant contribution to the chosen field of specialization.

1. Coursework phase

2. Dissertation phase

3. Seminars and Reading Group

4. Teaching assistantships

Other Ph.D.  extra-activities for the A.Y. 2023/24 are the following:

  • Ph.D. forums. From the second year onwards, all students shall present in a daylong event called "Ph.D. Forum." Faculty members from all fields will be warmly encouraged to attend this. These presentations are key for the decision to admit students to the following year. To provide you with as much feedback as possible, we will together find a discussant or a small panel (usually a member or two of our faculty different than your supervisor who would give you feedback).

  • Ph.D. therapy. Informal recurrent meetings with the coordinator and other faculty members. Students are expected to share their experiences, difficulties, and progress with their thesis.

  • Mock Forum seminar. This is a seminar series organized by students and attended by students only. You shall use this to present your work and gather feedback in a laid-back environment. NO FACULTY IS ALLOWED

  • Ph.D. lunch seminar series. On request, students will be given a slot to present their work in 60-minute formats in front of other students and faculty. Students are required to do this at least once. The idea is to gather feedback in addition to the forum. You should solicit faculty members from whom you want to gather feedback to attend.

  • Ph.D. Aperitivo. Ideally once a term, we shall meet outside/inside of the university premises with faculty to enjoy some slack in a friendly and social environment. Students shall organize these gatherings.

  • Meeting with the speaker: We will reserve slots in the outside seminar speaker's agenda for students. Students in one field will be encouraged to sign up to meet the speaker and invited to lunches and dinners. These can be valuable opportunities to get outside feedback, especially for Ph.D. students who otherwise might have only 1 or 2 faculty members working in their field at the department.

  • Meeting with the Job Market Candidate: During the Job Market Season, we will reserve slots in the candidate's agenda for students. Students in one field will be encouraged to sign up to meet the speaker. This is an invaluable opportunity to get acquainted with the Job Market.

  • Academic Job Market training. Once a year, a junior faculty member will give you detailed information on the workings of the international Job Market for Economists. Students who decide to go on the market will be trained (mock job talks, mock interviews).