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Rules and Forms

Forms_Travel refund


Additional form_COVID-19_Italy

Additional form_COVID-19_Abroad

Request of Refund

Please deliver this form in paper copy with original signatures to Dr Carla Lisi at DEF Department. Carla is in charge of the refund procedure for PhD students. Feel free to contact her for further clarification on this issue. 


Rules for Travel Refund 





Forms_Visiting period

Visiting Forms

Before to go - Authorization

Before to go - Request of advanced payment

After your stay - Certification of the period abroad


Rules for Mission Refund

Tables for Refund

Country Area


Form_PhD candidate profile

PhD candidates are required to send the "PhD candidate profile" to the PhD Program Office, along with the final thesis in order to send both to two external referees for peer review.


PhD candidate_Profile

PhD scholarship payslip and CUD

In order to download scholarship payslips and the annual income certification please refer to the Tor Vergata-Cineca website at this link

Please enter as User Name your ID number (matricola), and as Password the code printed at the bottom of the enrollment request.

Certifications_PhD Status and Achievement

Certificates for PhD candidates
PhDs and PhD candidates can make use of certificates and self-certification to attest their status.

In order to give proof of personal and professional status before the Italian Public Administrations and Italian public services self-certifications must be used. Please note that this general provision does not apply to the requests for the permit of stay (or its renewal) to be submitted to the Questura.


- can be used to give proof of personal and professional status before public and private legal persons both in Italy and abroad as well as before Italian Embassies and Consulates in foreign Countries;

- must be used to give proof of the personal and professional status before the Questura, with a view to ask for the permit of stay or its renewal.

Certificates to be submitted to the Territorial Office of the Government (Prefettura), with a view to have the PhD diploma legalized and officially translated, require the registered signature.

As a rule, a duty stamp of Euros 16,00 must be affixed on each certificate. The duty stamp is not required only if the certificate is issued for the following purposes:

- Scholarship applications;

- Visa applications to be submitted to the Italian consular authorities abroad;

- Permit of stay applications and requests for its renewal.

1) Download a certificates and self-certification on Studenti Online on Delphi

You can log in on StudentiOnline at any time with your ID number as user and password to download certificates and self-certification attesting:

- Your enrollment in a PhD Programme;
- Your admission to the final exam;
- The awarding of the PhD degree;
- Proofs of payment of tuition fees for each academic year to be used for tax purposes.

Please, note that in case of loss of the user and password, an account recovery procedure is available. In case of failure to complete the above procedure, a request for the email account recovery can be sent to info@ccd.uniroma2.it. The scanned copy of a valid ID document must be attached.      

2) Request certificates and self-certifications to the PhD School Office

In order to receive certificates different than those available on StudentiOnline,  a request must be sent to the PhD Unit staff, using the following Request Form.

The request can be submitted:

- Sending an e-mail to lorena.gerosi@uniroma2.it,  together with both the scanned copy of a valid ID document and a duty stamp (Euro 16,00). The original duty stamp can be submitted to the PhD Unit in person or via postal service. This will be affixed on the certificate, when the latter will be ready to be collected.

- Via Postal service to Scuola di Dottorato di ricerca - via Cracovia 50 - 00133 – Roma;

- Submitted to the PhD School Office in person during opening hours.

The certificate can be collected in person at the PhD School Office during opening hours. The document can be also collected by a person delegated by the applicant.

Copy of the certificate can be sent by email. In this case, a duty stamp (Euro 16,00) have to be submitted to the PhD School Office, by post or in person.

DIPLOMA (Pergamena)
PhDs awarded of their degree between 1999 and June 2018 can collect their Diploma at the PhD Unit during opening hours. Please, note that only the PhDs, who have already paid the appropriate fee, are entitled to receive the Diploma.

The Diploma can also be collected by third persons provided with a written authorization and the copy of a valid ID document of the applicant.

Forms_PhD career or scholarship interruption

PhD students can ask to interrupt the PhD career in particular situations, max for 24 months in the whole path. 

Good reasons are: serious and certified motivation, health issue, specialization program attendance, job trial (max 6 months, without scholarship).

Download the form "PhD interruption request" at this link

Download the form to resume the PhD career at this link

- - - - - - - - - 

PhD students can also decide to interrupt the scholarship in case they have different financial resources.

Download the form at this link