PhD Seminar Series

PhD students are required to present the results of their research in a seminar once per year, starting with the second year of enrollment.

PhD seminars are open to all graduate students and are regularly attended by students' supervisors and faculty members.

The calendar of seminars scheduled for spring 2016 is available at this page



SPRING 2017 Schedule


March 24  (14:00-15:00)

1. Walter Ferrarese, Endogenous Mergers and Leadership Acquisition in Cournot Oligopolies

May 5  (14:00-15:00)

1. Giulia Mancini, Understanding the difference. Toward an economic history of Italian women, 1861-2016

2. Vincenzo Mollisi, Buyer competence and procurement outcomes: Evidence from the US

May 17  (13:15-14:15)

1. Lorenzo Ferrari and Andrea De Meo, Tenure in office and municipality-owned firms performance: Evidence from Italian municipalities

May 24  (13:00-14:00)

1. Amedeo Parrella, Can migration foster Child Labour? The case of Ghana

2. Francesco Salustri, Making information on CSR salient: A randomised field experiment

May 31  (13:00-14:30)

1. Volkan Sezgin, Analysis of the transformation of Turkish trade after the trade liberalization

June 7  (13:00-14:30)

1. Nicolò Fraccaroli, Should the central bank supervise? A new dataset

2. Michele Bavaro, Multidimensional Intergenerational Mobility of Status

June 13 (13.00-14.00)

1. Luca Brugnolini

2. Andrea Serna Castaño