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Banking and Finance Track - Visiting Professor Axel Kind, PhD (University of Konstanz, Germany)

January-April, 2018

Axel Kind is Full Professor at the University of Konstanz, where he holds the Chair of Corporate Finance. Before his current appointment, Axel Kind was Assistant Professor and head of the Corporate Finance Division at the University of Basel (2008-2013), lecturer at the University of St. Gallen (2004-2007) and held research and teaching positions at different foreign universities: the Stern School of Business of New York University (2008), the Computer Science Department of the University of California, Los Angeles (2003-2004), the Graduate School of Business of Columbia University (2002-2003), and the University of Novosibirsk (2001). His research is in the fields of Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance, Behavioral Finance, and Numerical Derivatives Pricing.   


The presence of Prof. Kind at Tor Vergata follows the will to improve even more  the internationalization of our PhD Program, and represents a chance to keep in touch with foreing colleagues, learn each other, and evaluate the chance to start further cooperations even on a research perspective.