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Exams for each subject are scheduled on three sessions every year:

WINTER SESSION: 8 January 2018 - 16 February 2018 

SUMMER SESSION28 May 2018 - 6 July 2018

AUTUMN SESSION: from the 3rd to the 14th of September 2018

Some courses also have PRE-EXAMS, taking places only during the MID-TERM BREAKS.:


1st module BREAK (pre-exam or mid-term): 30 October - 3 November

2nd module BREAK (pre-exam or mid-term): 18 December - 22 December


1st module BREAK (pre-exam or mid-term): 3 April  - 6 April

2nd module BREAK (pre-exam or mid-term): 21 May - 25 May

Please note that the exam date of each course is posted on the course web-page.

The exam classrooms will be posted daily on the notice board located in the main hall of Building A.

Exams can be written, practical or oral, or can include more than one of these modalities. Written exams may consist of compositions or multiple-choice questionnaires and are made available to students after the evaluation. Oral tests are public.

The final evaluation, expressed out of 30 points, is individual. It is a positive evaluation if it is greater or equal to 18/30. If it is 30/30, the exam commission can unanimously decide whether to add honours (cum laude).

When exams are composed of integrated exams between coordinated courses or modules, the instructors of the coordinated courses or modules contribute to the overall evaluation of the student’s exam.

Students can take exams on any session, however the recommended policy is to use the Winter Session for courses offered in the Fall Semester only, and the Summer Session for those taught in the Spring Semester only, while reserving the September Session for exams failed in previous sessions.

Remind that in order to sit each exam it is mandatory to make an on-line reservation from the web-site http://delphi.uniroma2.it. This holds also if you only have to register the grade of a pre-exam.

Please refer to the specific handbooks if you need further information on:

How to reserve exams on Delphi

How to check for your exam's grade