PhD Lunch Seminars

11 Oct-16 Roberto Di Mari
18 Oct-16 Leopoldo Catania
25 Oct-16 Ambrogio Dalò
1 Nov-16 Holiday
8 Nov-16 Stefano Fasani
15 Nov-16 Gabriella Catalano
22 Nov-16 Artem Larinski
29 Nov-16 Gabriele Rovigatti
6 Dec-16 Jimenez Mori Raul
13 Dec-16 Leonardo Giuffrida


The PhD program in Economics and Finance brings together two existing and highly complementary PhD programs: the PhD in Econometrics and Empirical Economics and the PhD in Money and Finance. The aim of the new program is to provide advanced specialization in Economics, Finance and Econometrics to students whose goal is a successful career in academia or in institutions that require advanced financial, economic and statistical skills. It offers:

- a distinguished faculty: courses are taught by distinguished Italian and foreign professors of proven teaching and research experience;
- a lively intellectual atmosphere: the program emphasizes breadth and a critical mindset; cooperation and joint research with fellow students and Faculty members are strongly encouraged;
- an international environment: the program enrolls highly qualified students from all over the world;
- worldwide connections: students are encouraged to spend periods of research in leading universities and research institutions worldwide.