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About us

The Department of Economics and Finance (DEF) is part of the Faculty of Economics of the University of Rome Tor Vergata.

The DEF appears at the top of some of the most important Italian (VQR) and international (RePEc, QS, Tilburg) rankings for the study of Economics, Finance, and Statistics.

The DEF offers three-year degree courses, master's degrees, first- and second-level master's degrees, and doctorates.


The Department Council has appointed:

  • a professor who is the scientific director of the Department of Excellence project (Prof. Daniela Vuri), who monitors the progress of the project and supervises its implementation;
  • a professor responsible for coordinating research activities (prof. Alessio Farcomeni), who monitors the scientific production of the department members and updates the Council with regard to the periodic Research Quality Assessment (VQR) exercises;
  • a teacher responsible for coordinating teaching activities (Prof. Lorenzo Carbonari), who monitors the training offer and the need for teachers of the Courses belonging to the DEF;
  • a commission for Quality Assurance, which operates in coherence with the indications and guidelines developed by the University Quality Assurance, made up of teaching staff (Prof. Lorenzo Carbonari, Prof. Stefano Grassi, and Prof. Maura Mezzetti) and technical-administrative staff (Dr. Maria Cristina Di Ienno and Dr. Chiara Tranquilli).