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SIE Prize 2019 - Best PhD thesis

Società Italiana degli Economisti awarded Luca Brugnolini, former PhD student at DEF, for the best PhD thesis in 2019: congratulations!

We are proud Luca Brugnolini, former PhD student at DEF (PhD in Economics Law and Institution, now merged in the PhD in Economics and Finance), has been awarded with the SIE Prize 2019 with the thesis  "Advances in Modern Macroeconomics" supervised by Professors Luisa Corrado and Giuseppe Ragusa.

In three past editions the following former PhD students at Department in Economics and Finance won this prize:

- Walter Ferrarese, SIE Prize 2018, thesis "Essays in Industrial Organization and Microeconomics" supervised by Professor Alberto Iozzi;

- Silvia Sopranzetti, SIE Prize 2017, thesis "Essays on Networks in International Trade” supervised by Professor Beniamino Quintieri;

- Alessandro Giovannelli, SIE Prize 2011, thesis "Nonlinear Forecasting Using a Large Number of Predictors” supervised by Professor Tommaso Proietti and Marco Lippi.

Tuesday, November 3, 2020