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Economics Seminars

March 16th 2pm

Piera Bello

Department of Economics, University of Zurich

"Gender-based price discrimination in the annuity market: Evidence from Chile"

Link to the seminar here


March 18th 1pm

Francesco Salustri

Institute for Global Health, University College London

“Public health preferences and private provision of healthcare: an experimental approach”

Link to the seminar here


March 23rd 1pm

Christoph Koenig

University of Bristol

"Impulse Purchases, Gun Ownership and Homicides: Evidence from a Firearm Demand Shock"

Abstract: Do firearm purchase delay laws reduce aggregate homicide levels? Using variation from a 6-month countrywide gun demand shock in 2012/2013, we show that U.S. states with legislation preventing immediate handgun purchases experienced smaller increases in handgun sales. Our findings indicate that this is likely driven by comparatively lower purchases among impulsive consumers. We then demonstrate that states with purchase delays also witnessed comparatively 2% lower homicide rates during the same period. Further evidence shows that lower handgun sales coincided primarily with fewer impulsive assaults and points towards reduced acts of domestic violence.

Paper here

Link to the seminar here


March 24th 1pm

Paolo Zacchia

CERGE-EI, Prague and IMT School for Advanced Studies, Lucca.

"(Mis)matching to Good Suppliers: Evidence from Transactions Microdata."

Link to the seminar here



Monday, March 8, 2021