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Teaching Assistantship

Learning how to teach is an integral part of the PhD program. Every year, each student admitted into the dissertation phase is assigned to be the teaching assistant (TA) of up to two courses, usually in areas related to their main research interests. Teaching assistantships may also represent a source of financial support for students without a scholarship.

Doctoral students, as an integral part of the training project, will be required to carry out supplementary teaching activities or teaching assistance, within the limits set by the standard, and in particular, according to the provisions of art. 8, paragraph 11, letter g) of this regulation (Ministerial Decree of 8 February 2013, No. 45, Article 12, paragraph 2).

Doctoral students may carry out tutoring activities to students of Bachelor, Master’s and PhD Degrees, upon Faculty authorization. In any case, this may occur within the maximum limit set by the regulations regarding supplementary teaching activities.