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Upcoming Seminar: Introduction to Data Analysis with STATA

The seminar will enable students to process and analyze data, interpret the output of an analysis, and present it in a publication-quality style.

Economia EEBL

Monday 31 October 2022 h. 09:00-11:00


Classroom P9 - Building A - Faculty of Economics


In particular, students will learn about importing data from Excel, data management and descriptive statistics, making the reader understand a graphical representation of the data, building maps in STATA to represent spatial distributions, interpreting the output of a simple OLS regression, and exporting publication-style tables and graphs.

The seminar lectures will be held in Room P9 from 31 October to 5 December 2022 and have been organized to accommodate the academic schedules of first-year students attending MSc European Economy and Business Law, however, undergraduate students are welcome to attend within the limits of available classroom seating. All attending students will be required to bring a portable computer to the seminar lectures and download the STATA software license currently available free of cost.

 Interested students should send an email to msc@eebl.uniroma2.it for seminar registration or to request additional information.