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Career Skills Seminar for Students

Career Skills Seminar, a full-day seminar aimed at helping students improve their interview techniques and communication skills.

Desk Imprese Economia

Friday, March 3, 2023


From 10.00 am to 5:00 pm in Room T7, Building A


The seminar aims to familiarize students with the objectives of a job interview, how to understand and prepare for it, what to expect during an interview and how to sell one’s qualifications best. The seminar will also introduce key concepts and tools of a job interview and try to enhance the Soft skills of each participant. The interview process will be presented through both a theoretical and a practical session with an actual interview demonstration (students present to be selected for face-to-face interview simulations of the various interview styles).


To register for the event, please write to msc@eebl.uniroma2.it

Additional information on the event

Programme Description

      Session I - The Interview Process/ How to Perform at an Interview

  • Introduction to interviews and the philosophy of the labor market;

  • Concepts of the interview process and where do you fit in it?

  • What is an interview in a digital and post-C19 world?

  • Are you digitally profitable?

  • Types of interviews and how to prepare based on their various types;

  • What do employers seek for in you?

  • Q&A session



Session II – Practical examples and live training session

Students will be asked to provide a sample of their CV or Linkedin Profile. Based on the submitted profiles, a selection will be made for a face-to-face demo interview;

  • A get-to-know-each-other short session on exchanging views and experiences from students who had been through an interview process. What has worked, what were the challenges, where you hired?

  • A sample interview process Part 1- select 2 students to perform a live one-to-one interview. Students will be asked to assess the sample interview and analyze who scored how/what were the mistakes/weak sides/strong sides;

  • A sample interview process Part 2- select a group of students to perform a combination of interviews. Students will be asked to assess the sample interview and analyze who scored how/what were the mistakes/weak sides/strong sides;

  • Group discussion /ideas on how one can improve his/her performance.

  • If you failed an interview, are there any ways to fix it?

  • Q&A session

Speaker Info

Ms Rumyana Uzunova is a Global Human Resources Specialist and Diplomacy expert with 17+ years of international working experience in a variety of international and local settings. Her fields of expertise are international recruitment, talent sourcing, HR management, organizational behaviour, protocol and international relations. Fluent in six languages, she is also the founder of an online career-consulting platform formulated to help ex-pats and international staff to write a winning CV and provide guidance on how to fit best in the European job market.