British Embassy to the Holy See

Internship Opportunity - Pubblicato il 12 gennaio 2022

The British Embassy to the Holy See is offering a six-month curricula internship, starting 
around 20 March 2022.

The British Embassy to the Holy See is a small but highly active embassy. We are a friendly 
team and place a high priority on supporting all of our staff, including interns, with their 
professional development goals through, for example, webinars, work-shadowing, etc. as 
appropriate. This is a unique opportunity to gain insight into many different aspects of an 
embassy’s work, from events planning and administration to policy research and reporting, 
working under the direction of the Deputy Ambassador. We are looking for a professional, 
motivated and organised individual with a strong attention to detail and a good knowledge of 
international politics.

We are proud to serve the UK’s interests by working with the Vatican on some of the major 
issues the world faces today. These include climate change, Covid-19, modern slavery, 
violence against women and girls, and freedom of religion and belief. Your work will include 
daily monitoring and reporting on such issues to the Ambassador and Deputy, as well as 
contributing to the embassy’s political work by conducting research, for example. You will 
also assist with other projects, such as support with translations, as required.
You will also support the Ambassador’s Private Office in delivering a high-quality service 
through administrative tasks, such as managing the embassy inbox. Social events, big or 
small, are integral to meeting our diplomatic objectives. As our intern, you will support the 
Social Secretary with events, from lunches and receptions to our major annual event, the 
Queen’s Birthday Party (National Day celebrations), including logistics and welcoming 

The British Embassy to the Holy See is part of the Foreign, Commonwealth and 
Development Office’s worldwide network representing British interests overseas. We 
collaborate with several Whitehall departments including the Cabinet Office, Home Office 
and UK Parliament. We work closely with a wide range of Holy See Dicasteries (ministries), 
Councils, Commissions, and Secretariats, as well as the Pontifical colleges and universities 
and the religious orders and NGOs. 

 Daily press summaries; policy research as needed; translations and summaries of media 
articles from Italian to English; translations as required, including letters, menus and 
event programmes;
 Assist the Ambassador’s Private Secretary in handling invitations and replies;
 Assist the Social Secretary with embassy events, including lunches/receptions (including 
sending invitations and updating guest lists); contribute to high-level events such as the 
Queen’s Birthday Party (National Day celebrations), including logistics and welcoming 
 Administration: update the embassy contacts database and diaries; assist with ad hoc 
tasks e.g. gift register.

 Fluent spoken and written English and Italian;
 IT and analytical skills;
 Organisational and interpersonal skills;
 Ability to prioritise work;
 Drive to learn and develop;
 Ability to work as part of a highly dynamic team;
 Interest in learning about the UK, the Holy See and the work of an embassy.

 Applicants should send a CV and covering letter, setting out their motivation for 
applying and what they can bring to the role, in English. Applications without a 
covering letter will not be considered. 

The ‘tirocinio curriculare’ is intended for undergraduate students only or recently 
graduated students still registered with a local university to complete their education/studies. 
The candidate will have to go through a selection process by way of an interview, both 
written and oral. Only applicants who will be registered students with the university for the 
duration of the internship are eligible to apply.
Prior to appointment of the successful candidate, the Embassy will have had to sign an 
agreement (Convenzione di Tirocinio) with the university setting out the arrangements 
including tutor, health& safety and insurance cover. 
The intern will be granted a number of credits (crediti formativi) as indicated by the 
The internship is not a work contract and as such is not paid. However the Embassy will pay 
the intern a monthly allowance of €350 per month. This amount is not subject to tax under 
current local legislation. The intern would be expected to work an average of 30 hours per 
week, Monday to Friday, within the range of 9.00 am – 5pm. Some degree of flexibility is 
expected, mostly in case of seminars and events. Flexibility is ensured by the embassy to 
accommodate the intern’s need in case of university exams or personal reasons.
Other administrative details are set out in the university ‘progetto formativo’ to be signed 
once appointed to the internship.

Applications will have to come through the university by 13 February. Applications 
should be sent to  by 12 February.

Please note that applications will have to come through the university abiding by 
Italian law: DM 142/98. Individual applications shall not be considered. Interested 
students can liaise with the “Ufficio Stages” of their Faculty or University which 
should send us the application(s). Individual applications not coming through an 
eligible institution will not be acknowledged or considered for an internship.
Confirmation of the internship is subject to security clearance