MSc in Business Administration 2017/2018 Course Structure

The Master of Science in Business Administration at University of Rome "Tor Vergata" offers 7 different areas of specialisation:

- Control and Auditing
- Marketing and Sales
- Management Consulting
- Entrepreneurship
- Suppy Chain Management
- Human Resources Management
- Social Innovation and Government

Each specialisation is divided in two parts: 7 Core Courses, shared by all specialisations, followed by the specialisation Main Courses, which vary depending on which specialisation the student choses.

To read the specific specialisation course structure click on the names below:



Course Structure 2016/2018

course-structure-2014-2015DOWNLOAD COURSE STRUCTURE 2016/2018

Course Structure 2015/2017

course-structure-2014-2015DOWNLOAD COURSE STRUCTURE 2015/2017

Course Structure 2014/2016

course-structure-2014-2015 DOWNLOAD COURSE STRUCTURE 2014/2016