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Laurea Magistrale (Second cycle degree - 120 ECTS)


LM-77 Economic and Business Sciences


Open access with assessment of personal competencies


McKinsey & Company and QuantumBlack meet Tor Vergata University students.

May 24 - 11.30 to 1.30  - Data Scientists and HR representatives will present the activities and interesting career opportunities offered by McKinsey & Company.

Extraordinary exams and graduation session

Learn about the extraordinary session for exams and graduation.

Innovation in Banking and Digital Finance - Prof. N. Forti

The course is appropriate for students interested in Banking, wishing to learn how Fintech is reconfiguring Banking and financial Business models.

Business Analysis Fundamentals - Prof. Cristina Paternoster

Learn the principles expressed by the BABOK Guide, aimed at achieving ECBA Certification and at discovering the typical activities of Business Analysis.

Accenture Public Management Consulting LAB V Edition - Prof. A. Bonomi Savignon

The Recovery & Sustainability Edition. Learn the working approaches and business style of one of the main global consulting firms.

External Audit in Action - Prof. A. Meriggio, Prof S. Consorti

How to experience a simulation of an external audit of a commercial company.


Basics of Financial Due Diligence - Prof. S. Brunelli and C. Armenise

The seminar aims at outlining a basic and rigorous framework for leading a reliable financial due diligence for different purposes.

MarkStrat (Digital Version) - Prof. Sara Amoroso

Markstrat is designed to improve strategic marketing concepts, such as brand portfolio strategy, segmentation and positioning strategies.