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Laurea Magistrale (Second cycle degree - 120 ECTS)


LM-77 Economic and Business Sciences


Open access with assessment of personal competencies


Programme structure


Prof. Corrado Cerruti


Management and Law


Innovation and Sustainability seminar

The course will introduce the emerging technologies and it will show how big are the impacts those technologies are already bringing in our society. We’ll get to understand how to think properly about the future and we will have a deeper look at all the applications technologies are and will be used for. We will analyze the fields and the businesses that are most likely to be disrupted and all the opportunities that will arise for those understanding the huge potential these technologies have in our future development and in our most important challenge: sustainability.

Students will be encouraged through innovative teaching formats to improve their team-working and problem-solving skills while finding themselves immersed in engaging debates and stimulating challenges. The course is meant to stimulate them to learn and use the acquired knowledge in a practical and cooperative way through exercises and team-works. The teaching method is the “Challenge-based learning”. We’ll start presenting a real existing problem and we’ll work together, in groups, in order to find possible solutions.

International Trade seminar

The teaching is aimed at improving the ability of participants to understand and to implement concepts, knowledge, know-how, tools relating to international trade, from the macroeconomic point of view as well as from the operational perspective necessary at business level.At the end of the course, the participants, thanks to the interactive relationship with the lecturer, and to internet surfing, should be able to use the most important means available in the framework of international trade, so as to carry out a set of tasks and activities for companies and public institutions, or anyway to be ready to tackle them.
A special focus will be devoted to practical needs for companies engaged in international trade, especially those relating to markets assessment, international marketing strategies, international negotiations, international contracts, international payments and guarantees, international transportation.
In all those fields, problems and solutions will be examined, as well as connected aspects will be considered, such as the protection of intellectual property rights.
In short, the seminars will deliver skills and know how requested for the export manager position, which is often a vacant position in the 200.000 exporting Italian companies, and in the millions of exporting enterprises around the globe.

2019/2020 Application re-opening

Only for students with an Italian Degree

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Programme structure based on semesters is available for the academic year 2019-2020.

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