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In accordance with MD 270/2004 art. 10 section 5 letter d and e, university degree programmes must foresee that students acquire additional knowledge of foreign languages, computer skills, as well as of the job market through hands-on skills and/or the performance of internships in order to foster their employability.

All students of MSc in Business Administration programme are therefore required  to earn 6 credits, by choosing among the following activities:


Core courses 60 credits
Specialisation Courses 27 credits
Optional Courses 12 credits
Extra Activities 6 credits
Thesis 15 credits

                                                                                                       Tot. 120 credits

Credits earned via extra-activities must be validated by the Degree Programme  Commitee and subsequently communicated to the students secretariat that inserts them on Delphi. They must be earned not later than one month before the graduation day and can not be registered on the student's booklet.

Please note that additional exams or optional coures will NOT be considered as extra activities.

IMPORTANT: the abovementioned activities MUST be performed during the two-year Master of Science in Business Administration programme.