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Enrolling to the Second Year

Students must enrol for the second year of the programme by 6th November 2023, by entering the Delphi system and following these steps:

  • - Select “Student Section”;
  • - Click on “Subsequent Enrolments”;
  • - Insert your Matricola and Password and modify or confirm your entered data;
  • - Choose how you will pay the second instalment (in one or two instalments);
  • - Print out the payment form ;
  • - Pay the amount through PagoPA, and after at least 24 hours, validate the payment by entering the Delphi system again

Only the form printed out during the enrolment procedure is valid. 

Please note that enrolment to the second Academic year is completed once the second payment instalment has been paid and the payment has been confirmed online on Delphi.

As for the enrolment for the first year, please remember to obtain your ISEE model by December 17th at any CAF (consult tax service centres) listed here


Enrolment while expecting to graduate

Once they have concluded their two years at MSc in Business Administration, students have three graduation sessions available to discuss their thesis: in July, November, and April (deferring graduation session to the following academic year). After the April session, students can still graduate, but they will be considered fuori corso.

Winter (March/April) graduation session is the last one available to students, and they are not required to pay the enrolment fee for an additional academic year.

In this case, students must carry out an administrative procedure for “deferring enrolment” (domanda cautelativa).
The procedure for deferring your enrolment is online on Delphi:

  • - Select “Student Section”;
  • - Click on “Subsequent Enrolments” and access with your enrolment number (matricola) and password;
  • - Fill in the Enrolment Form and put a tick in the box “domanda cautelativa”/”differimento termini iscrizione”.

Performing this procedure, the Delphi system will not require students to pay any fee for the entire academic year.

NOTE: Students must present their ISEE certificate even if they deferred the enrolment. If they do not graduate by the last graduation session, the fee will be calculated according to the ISEE certificate.

NOTE: If students do NOT graduate by April, they will have to pay the fee for the entire 3rd Academic year by June and must carry out the enrollment procedure as above. If the full fee was not paid by the deadline, a penalty fee of € 100,00 will be charged.

Payment will be divided into two instalments: forms will be available at Delphi by selecting “annulla domanda cautelativa”.