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International Trade (3 CFU) - 1° module

International Trade, by professor Di Pace aims to improve the ability of participants to understand and to implement concepts, knowledge, know-how, tools relating to international trade, from the macroeconomic point of view as well as from the operational perspective.

Apics SCOR® (3 CFU) - 1° module

A 6-lesson seminar by S. Vacca on Apics SCOR (Supply Chain Operations Reference model), the world’s leading supply chain framework, linking business processes, performance metrics, practices and people skills into a unified structure.

MarkStrat simulation seminar (3 CFU) - 2° module

Markstrat is a strategic marketing simulation which offers BA students and professionals a platform to test theories and make marketing decisions.

Double Degree students from Capital University of Economics and Business, Beijing, China

We are very proud to have a great partnership with Capital University of Economics and Business, School of Economics, Beijing, China.

Tor Vergata shuttle bus service

Starting from September 17, our Bus Shuttle service will be available

Dual Degree Cerimony: Tor Vergata and CUEB

A cerimony for the MSc in Business Administration and MSc International Business Double Degree Programme between University of Rome Tor Vergata and Beijing Capital University of Economis and Business.

Double Degree Programme between Tor Vergata and Beijing

University of Rome Tor Vergata Department of Management and Law and the Capital University of Economics and Business School of Economics are proud to announce an agreement for a double degree programme.