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BA Placement Office

The BA Placement Office is a special service offered to all students of Tor Vergata Business Administration. The main objective is to find internships and job opportunities for all students of our course. The official reference for the BA Placement Office is Mrs Claudia Lombardi, which you can call at 0672595429, or email at placement@mscba.uniroma2.it

Who is eligible for the BA Placement service?

In order to be eligible for the BA Placement service you need to be a student of Tor Vergata Business Administration. If you are, then make sure you prepare a good CV (check out our CV Guidlines here), then create a Linkedin profile and follow the BA Placement page.

Finally Tor Vergata Business Administration offers free access to iAgora, a portal which allows you to gain access to multiple job offers and monthly job offers. Register to iAgora (follow the instructions below) and you are all set to receive the latest internships and job opportunities.

1.Create a CV

Creating a good CV in order to find a job, is a job itself. Also every job requires a specific CV, so always update your skills and your CV before sending it to an application. A short guide on how to create the best CV for job hunting is available on our website:

How to write your CV

2. Register to iAgora

In order to receive international job opportunities, if you are a student of Tor Vergata Business Administration, all you need to do is register to iAgora. Once you are registered you will gain access to multiple job offers and you will receive dedicated emails by our Placement Manager Claudia Lombardi.

Register to iAgora

3. Register to Linkedin & follow BA Placement

If you are not sure how to fill out your Linkedin profile, check out our guide on "How to create the perfect Linkedin profile". Also remember to add Tor Vergata School of Business Administration to your Education. Also take a look at the other BA alumni so you, depending on the area of interest, you can adjust and be inspired by their profiles.

After you created your LinkedIn profile follow the BA Placement on Linkedin: here you will find all the latest job opportunities selected exclusively for our students.

How to Create a Linkedin Profile

BA Placement page | Linkedin

Placement Contacts

Claudia Lombardi
Telephone: 06.7259.5429
Email: placement@mscba.uniroma2.it