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Students enrolled 2019-2020


Updated A.Y. 2019-2020

This course aims to introduce you to selected issues in financial reporting;
After this course, you should be able to:
1. read and provide a general analysis of the financial reports of listed companies for different purposes;
2. Deal with basics of tax reporting and M&A processes
3. Apply basic consolidation accounts techniques;
Students would study this course in an international perspective. The course is based on current International Financial Reporting Standards – International Accounting Standards (IAS-IFRS), and some mention of the Us and Uk Gaap.

Module I – Financial statements Regulatory Environment and Analysis
Refreshment on Financial Statements
Regulatory framework and presentation of financial statements
The new Conceptual framework for financial reporting and IAS 1;
Recalling Basics of Auditing and Financial analysis

Module II –Tax Reporting and M&A
Reporting for Taxes, the Italian perspective and the accounting treatment under IAS-IFRS
Overview of Financial Due Diligence when dealing with M&A processes

Module III Basics of Consolidation
The Notion of Group, Percentage of Interest and Percentage of Control;
Theory of Consolidation;
Basics Techniques;
Learning by Doing

A series of chapters extrapolated from different books and sources.  A complete set of readings will be available at the bookshop or easy to get elsewhere. In Particular:
Robinson et al., (2015) International Financial Statement Analysis, 3rd edition, Wiley. Chapters 7 and 17 (this last only for those attempting the exam in January)
Kieso, Weygandt, Warfield, Intermediate Accounting – Ifrs edition, vol I,  Wiley, 2011, 3 edition, chapters 1 and 2;
Aerts, Walton, Global Accounting and Reporting, Cengage, 2017, 4th edition, chapter 15;

Additional readings uploaded on the course webpage.

All the materials uploaded on the course webpage

Written exam (Weighing 70%)
Groupwork – (Weighing 30%):
Oral exam if students want to increase the final mark (generally held the same day of the written exam)
Any misconduct in following exam rules will result in a zero credit.
At the end of the course a pre-exam will be made. If you overcome that you complete the exam before the winter session.