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Updated A.Y. 2020-2021

The course is divided into two key areas:

  1. Emotional intelligence and communication

In the working life success comes not solely from technical skills but also from the ability to attune with other people’s feelings and emotions.

This capacity, called emotional intelligence, can be improved and refined.

This path entails a basic session, and a follow-up two months and one year later (optional, by email). After the first session, students will be given tasks to reinforce learning. We propose a series of observation, elaboration and listening activities, which will help the students in improving their awareness of their and other people’s emotions, together with the ability to deal with them in a constructive way in the relationship with themselves and others through a series of individual exercises and group activities useful to improve the techniques, modalities and approaches in interpersonal communication.

  1. Team work and leadership

An essential part of professional results comes from the ability to work well with others, influencing them through leadership.

In this workshop students will be guided in a project that will give them the opportunity to experience a real team work, with exercises between the sessions.

This path, articulated in two sessions, to be held one after one week from the other, aims at experimenting different behaviour styles of the members of a team. At the end of the training the participants, that will have the opportunity to play as actors and as observers, will have developed more awareness of their behavioural style in a team and of other people styles in a team and will be able to improve their capacities to work in group, with a common goal.

For both areas, students may receive a brief pre-work before starting the course and tasks to accomplish from one session to the other to put in practice their leadership and their personal influence, while they will continue working on the project work started in the previous module.

During the training each student will be asked to challenge their interpersonal style giving and receiving feedback on the effectiveness of their approach.

  1. Final Presentation

The final presentation will be delivered in front of an audience of experienced top-level managers or entrepreneurs. The managerial panel will provide feedback to the students both about the content of their work and their personal effectiveness.

The course added value

The course will increase the ability of understanding ourselves, our motivations and our emotions, at the same time providing interpretation of other people behaviours, improving the ability to establish relationships with the environment and achieve our own objectives. Main focus will be:

  • Ability to understand our own cognitive bias and to decide effectively
  • Understanding the impact that communication style has on its effectiveness
  • Improve our abilities to learn from the relational and emotional experience

Exam and Frequency

In order to obtain the 3 CFU credits for the extra activities, the students are required to elaborate a group project work and participate to its final presentation. Only students attending at least 80% of the scheduled lessons will be allowed to sit for the exam in order to obtain the 3 CFUs valid for the Extra-Activities.