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Updated A.Y. 2015-2016


This course aims to outline the importance of services management. Services dominate the majority of the economic transactions and are becoming critical for competitive advantage of companies across the globe and in all industry sectors. The attraction, retention, and building of strong customer relationships through quality service and services are at the heart of the course content. The course is equally applicable to organizations whose core product is service (e.g., banks, transportation companies, hotels, hospitals, educational institutions, professional services, telecommunication, etc.) and to organizations that depend on service excellence for competitive advantage (e.g., high technology manufacturers, automotive, industrial products, etc.).

The basic concepts covered in the course include: the difference between marketing services versus products; the role of the service encounter; the key drivers of service quality; the customer’s role in service creation; service design and innovation; service and customer experiences; managing customer relationship and loyalty; customer relationship management metrics.

Specific Objectives: - To give a services management and industries overview. - To teach a set of techniques and approaches to deal with services marketing problems. - To outline the importance of an adequate customer relationship management system, highlighting the important role of customer loyalty in increasing profitability and value.



The class will be taught using a general session, combination of readings, cases, and assignments. Sessions will be complemented with a mix of case-studies discussion and articles’ discussion. The course will include both individual and group work. Class participation includes answering questions related to assigned problems, cases, or readings. Students are expected to read material in advance.



Services Marketing: People, Technology, Strategy by Christopher Lovelock and Jochen Wirtz, 7th Edition, 2011. Please note that it's better to use the 7th edition. Only the following chapters: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9, 10, 14

A paper on Customer Relationship Management (download from website).




Final mark consists on written/oral mark + Case study evaluation

Written exam: Each exam will have multiple-choice and/or open questions. Exams will cover material from textbook, class lectures, discussions, in-class assignments. Written (and eventually oral exam) is marked from 18 to 28.

Case study: the 2015-16 case study is “Premiomarketing award” (www.premiomarketing.com) or P&GAward (www.pgaward.it). Case study is marked from -1 to + 3

FINAL MARK Final mark is the sum of written/oral mark (18-28) plus case study mark (-1/+3).

Please, it is MANDATORY to register the final mark ONLY in official exam dates for all kind of students (MSc students and Erasmus students).