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Dual degree established between University of Rome Tor Vergata and Beijing Capital University of Economics and Business



Application form (word format)


It has been herewith decided that a cooperation in a Double Master Degree program will be established between Capital University of Economics and Business, School of Economics, Beijing, China, hereinafter referred to as CUEB, and the University of Rome Tor Vergata, Department of Management and Law, Rome, Italy, hereinafter referred to as Tor Vergata, wherein Tor Vergata  awards the Laurea Magistrale (MSc) in Business and Administration and Capital University of Economics and Business awards Master of International Business (MIB).

The programme hereby defines:

  1. Exchange period – as the period during which students spend their stay at the Partner University (e.g., one semester or more);
  2. Double Degree student – as a student who participates in the double Degree program under this Agreement;
  3. Home institution – as the institution of higher education in which the Double Degree student has been originally enrolled;
  4. Host institution – as the institution of higher education, which will host the Double Degree student during the program.

About CUEB - Capital University of Economics and Business

CUEB boasts 4 first-class disciplines that confer doctoral degrees (applied economics, management science and engineering, business administration and statistics), 4 post-doctoral research programs (applied economics, statistics, business administration and management science and engineering), 10 first-class disciplines that confer master degrees, 17 programs offering profession-oriented master degrees and 43 undergraduate programs.

There are 19 teaching divisions in total, including the School of Urban Economy and Public Administration, School of Business Administration, School of Economics, School of Accounting, School of Labor Economics, School of Culture and Communications, School of Information, School of Safety and Environmental Engineering, School of Public Finance and Taxation, School of Law, School of Finance, School of Statistics, Foreign Language Department, School of Overseas Chinese, School of Marxism, International School of Economics and Management, Division of Physical Education, School of International Education, School of Continuing Education.

Read More: CUEB Website

Agreement Purpose

(a) The parties agree to collaborate in a Double Degree program, which will allow qualified students to transfer from their Home Institution to the Host Institution for the purpose of completing their degree. On the basis of courses and credits recognition, students who successfully fulfill the requirements of the two institutions will be eventually awarded with the Master degree from the Home Institution and the host institution.

(b) No minimum or maximum number of students will be set, the parties estimate herewith that the number of Double Degree students will be 20 per year per institutions.
Such number may vary each academic year with the written agreement of the two Universities. Parties will aim at a balanced exchange of students.
(c) During the Master program´╝îthe students shall study at their home institution in their 1st semester and 2nd semester (for Tor Vergata) and 1st Semester and 4th semester (for CUEB) and transfer to the host institution in the 3rd semester(for Tor Vergata) and 2nd Semester (for CUEB).

(d) Each party will appoint a Professor belonging to the Board of the Institution’s degree involved in the Double Degree, who will be responsible for the successful operation of the Double Degree program. Duties will include necessary academic arrangements for the program.

Assessment Process

Each Party will select its Double Degree students under its own responsibility and applying its own criteria; admitted students can be interviewed by the hosting institution which has the right to refuse a candidate, notifying the partner institution via e-mail and justifying its decision.

Obligations of both parties

(a) Every year in Fall or Spring semester, the parties will provide a list of nominated students and provide to the referent office the following students’ documents in original:
i. A valid student’s identity document;
ii. Enrolment certificate;
iii. Transcript or list of all the courses taken
iv. The learning agreement signed by both the coordinator of the program and the student;

(b) The home institution is fully responsible to notify the host institution any termination of students’ study at least one month earlier of the semester. In this case, the home institution also has full obligation to settle any disputes between the students and home institution.

(c) The parties agree to share detailed curricular information, including course syllabi, and communicate any changes to degree completion requirements;
(d) A student having completed all courses, obtained enough credits,  received a passing grade on his/her thesis and on his/her oral defense in English, and has met all additional requirements of both institutions according to this Double Degree program, will be awarded the corresponding Master degree from each institution according this agreement. Each Double Degree student (All Double Degree students) will be assigned a faculty member from the host institution as a mentor;

(e) The final thesis of the students participating to the program will be supervised by a professor selected by the home institution and it will be submitted to both institutions. The students have to defend the final thesis in their home institution.
(f) At the end of the program both institutions will exchange information and documents to up-date the student’s academic ability to be able to issue the Master degree;

Student Obligations

(a) Each student pays tuition in his/her home institution.
(b) Each student is responsible for the following costs: international travel; room, board and living expenses; mandatory Health Insurance Programs for international students or equivalent private insurance; textbooks; and miscellaneous expenses. Students are also required to read and respect the Code of Conduct of the hosting institution.
(c) Each student involved in the program must sign a learning agreement approved by both the coordinator of the Double Degree program.

(d) The host institution will issue appropriate documents to assist a prospective Double Degree student in obtaining the Visa, under the current legislation of the host country. Each student is responsible for his/her Visa and for complying with further immigration formalities. Moreover, he/she is solely responsible for the submission in due time of all the documents required to pursue the exchange period at the host institution.


Code of conduct and Regulations of the University of Rome Tor Vergata


CUEB Student Handbook and CUEB Regulations


The host institution will attempt to assist Double Degree students to obtain, at students’ own expenses, on-campus accommodation or, if not available, off-campus accommodation within reasonable access to the campus, e.g. by public transport. The host institution will provide further reasonable assistance, within its discretion and its capabilities.

Regulations of Host University

(a) The Double Degree students shall be subject to policies, procedures and the laws of the host institution and the host country. The students will be disciplined or expelled for violations in the same manner as students of the host institution.

(b) The exchange students shall have the same rights and privileges regarding the facilities and amenities of the host institutions as the home international students.

Duration and Termination

This Agreement shall be in force and be binding upon the parties hereto for a period of five (5) years from the date of this Agreement, and is renewable. This Agreement may be amended prior to the expiration of the foregoing period only by mutual consent.

Either party may terminate this Agreement with one (1) year period advance notice. In the event that this Agreement is terminated, student candidates currently enrolled shall be permitted to complete the program in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.


The parties may change or modify the terms of this agreement only by written amendment signed by both the institutions. Any alteration can be made under condition that there is no prejudice to any participant.


Both institutions subscribe to a policy of equal opportunity and will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, age, national origin or ancestry, marital status, parental status, sexual orientation, disability, or status as a veteran.

Conflict Resolution

Any differing viewpoints and interpretations of this agreement shall be settled amicably by mutual consultation or negotiation.
The conventions falling under this present agreement foresee the resolution of possible controversies concerning the interpretation and the carrying out of the conventions signed by an Arbitration Board, free of charge, consisting of a member designated by each contracting party and by one chosen together.