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Enrolment procedure - Tor Vergata Master in Business Administration

Once having received the Formal Acceptance Letter, students can enrol to the Business Administration programme with the online procedure (via the Delphi system, instructions follow below).

International students can enrol only having obtained their Italian Fiscal Code (Codice Fiscale) at the Agenzia delle Entrate.

Online Procedure: the Delphi System

International students will be supported by the International Students Office for the enrolment procedure. 
A) Online procedure, to be filled after receiving the Formal Admission Letter:

1. Fill in the evaluation questionnaire on the "Quest Test" website: http://www.quest.uniroma2.it

Keep the questionnaire (QC) code issued by the system.

Pay attention: the QC has a validity of five days from the date of completion of the questionnaire, after which it must be filled in again.

2. Connect to http://delphi.uniroma2.it

Select “Registration”, “On-Campus Course”, “Faculty of Economics”, Click on “I have passed the Admission/sustained the assessment test/am in possession of the curricular requirements and I want to register myself” and fill the forms with the requested data. Please pay attention when you enter your contacts!

At the end of the procedure click on "Print": the system will generate the request and the receipt for the payment of the first installment.

3. Pay the contribution to any Unicredit Agency and keep the receipt confirmation code (AUTH).

It is possible to pay online the amount for university fees by connecting to the Unicredit website (University of Rome Tor Vergata> Payments).

4. Connect again to the Delphi website and enter the CTRL and AUTH payment codes shown in the Bank receipt and the QC code issued by the questionnaire to validate the payment made.

*Preserve carefully your enrolment number and your password which will allow you to access to online students’ services (e-mail, fee payments, exam registration, etc.)

B) Documents to be handed to the "Segreteria Studenti" Office (Students Secretariat)

Once the payment has been validated, go to the "Segreteria Studenti" at the Faculty of Economics Tor Vergata, with the following documents:

  • The signed Enrolment Request and 3 recent passport-sized photographs;
  • A photocopy of a valid personal identification document;
  • A receipt proving your first instalment payment (students eligible for full exemption from payment of tuition fees are excluded);
  • The form printed during the validation procedure marked “to be handed to the Segreteria Studenti”;
  • Your original Dichiarazione di Valore (only for international students).

The Segreteria Studenti will provide students with a booklet, where exams will be registered.

PLEASE NOTE: payment validation and handing the listed documents to the Segreteria Studenti is necessary in order to be enrolled.

The amount of the second instalment will be calculated by the system on the basis of each student's family income, stated on the ISEE-U model.

In order to obtain the ISEEU certificate students should consult tax service centers (CAF).

C) Payment of Second Instalment

1. Connect to http://delphi.uniroma2.it ; Select Student Area, Key 4 “manage career online”;
2. Insert your enrolment number and password;
3. Select “print invoice of succeeding instalments”;
4. Print out the form (option: one instalment) or the forms (option: two instalments) to pay the required amount for the second instalment;
5. Make the payment at any Unicredit Group Bank;
6. Connect again to delphi to validate your payment entering the codes CTRL and AUTH indicated in the receipt issued by the bank.

NOTE: Only form printed out during the enrolment procedure is to be considered valid.