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Business Administration Students Profile

Here is an overall profile of business administration students:

Avg. Age: 22- 26

Nationalities: Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Bulgaria, China, Ethiopia, Philippines, India, Iran, Iraq, Italy, Lebanon, Russia, Siria, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine, USA.

Knowledge: Control & Auditing, Marketing & Sales, Supply Chain Management, Management Consulting, Accounting, Business Strategy & Organisation, HR Management, International Trade, Procurement.

Certifications: SAP Business ByDesign, SAS, Six Sigma.

LinkedIn - Tor Vergata Business Administration Page

If you want to find out where most of our alumni students are working now go ahead and visit our LinkedIn official page.


Contact Us

All companies interested in hiring University of Tor Vergata Business Administration students can contact our placement manager Claudia Lombardi by email at claudia.lombardi@uniroma2.it or by phone at 06.7259.5429