Graduations Request Period and Sessions

  Winter Session Summer Session Autumn Session
Request Period 2 March - 9 March tbc tbc
Graduation Date 8 April 2020 tbc tbc

Request period

Please take note that the request period for admission to the graduation session will be from February 24th until March 8th

In this period you must deliver to the students’ secretary office the following documents:

  • Requests for admission to the graduation session (“domanda di ammissione dell’esame di laurea at “delphi website”)
  • “Payment form 500” for amount of  € 16,00 for the graduation certificate (pergamena)
  • The student’s booklet
  • Receipt verifying the filling in of the evaluation questionnaire Almalaurea

It is not necessary to present the “assegnazione della tesi di laurea” module even if you will find it available on Delphi.

The procedure on Delphi will be available starting from Sept 24th, but you can deliver the above listed documents only during the indicated period (March 2nd - March 9th 2020).

All the documents must be submitted in person or, if you are not here,  you can delegate someone.

Please check carefully the opening hours of the students' secretary office.

Thesis Submission

Students are required to upload the final version of their thesis on the Delphi system by March 31st 2020.

If students fail to submit their thesis within the deadline they will not be admitted to the thesis discussion.


In order to obtain the Master of Science degree, students are required to present and defend their written thesis in front of the Examination Board.
To be admitted to the graduation session students must earn all the credit points provided for in the programme structure (at least 120) except for those credits of the thesis and must not have any pending financial obligations to University of Tor Vergata. The thesis  is worth 24 credit points according to the programme structure of the MSc Programme.

The thesis is an important part within the degree programme and must display the deep knowledge and capability gained in a particular field. It must be written on a topic connected to the 3 courses of the student's specialisation or to a core course (first-year courses). Since the specialisation in Management Consulting is cross-sectoral the students belonging to this specialisation can choose a topic related to a course of the 4 functional specializations: Marketing and Sales, Human Resources Management, Control and Audit, Sustainable Supply Chain Management, only if they take the two optional courses in one of these specialisations in order to develop the deep knowledge required to write a thesis.

The thesis is evaluated on contents, presentation and defense. The evaluation is expressed out of 110. Students pass the final degree exam if they obtain a mark of at least 66. The Board can unanimously award "lode" (cum laude) as a special distinction. In order for your thesis to be accepted, it must also pass the Turnitin Anti-plagiarism Check.

Turnitin Anti-plagiarism Guidelines

Turnitin is the global leader in evaluating and improving student learning. The company’s cloud-based service for originality checking, online grading and peer review saves instructors time and provides rich feedback to students. Read this table of Turnitin Guidelines to check if your thesis is eligible. For more info visit: turnitin.com


Thesis Guidelines.pdf

Thesis Model.pdf


For further info on thesis and graduation session please don't hesitate to contact Ms Ersilia Ferraro.