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SAS Visual Analytics - online course & certification (registration before June 14th - start on June 21st)

SAS is offering you the chance to improve your data science skills giving you the chance to get a free certification on “SAS Visual Analytics” (with a digital badge that you will be able to upload on LinkedIn to better qualify your profile).


The course provides an introduction to data preparation, data analysis and report creation in SAS Visual Analytics.

Students will learn how to use this point-and-click SAS environment to easily access, transform and modify data so that it's ready for analysis, and also how to visually explore data to discover new insights.

This Data Visualization tool by SAS enable students to easily search for relationships, trends and patterns to gain a deeper understanding of their data. Then create stunning reports and dashboards that are shareable via the web and mobile devices.

You can learn more at: https://www.sas.com/en_sa/software/visual-analytics.html


The key deadlines:

registration: by June 14th sending a mail to: digitalconsulting.yerun@mscba.uniroma2.it

introductory class: on June 21st (where you will be guided into the key functionality of SAS Visual Analytics)

e-learning course: self-paced

certification: test arranged and managed directly by SAS.


If you are a MScBA student, you can effectively match this SAS Visual Analytics course with the European Summer School on “Management Consulting in the Digital Age” (organized by the University of Rome Tor Vergata and YERUN, with the support of the BUDS Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership).