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See in here the new plan for the teaching activities for the II semester.





The teaching activities will be carried out primarily in presence, up to the maximum number of seats available in each classroom, already identified in compliance with safety protocols aimed at the protection of the health of all members of the university community.

The control of the number of accesses will be guaranteed via obligatory reservation through the Delphi online platform, restricting the access to the available seats for each classroom.

The reservation of the on-site lessons through the Delphi system can be made starting 4 days prior to the date of the lesson in which one intends to participate until the day before or, in any case, until there are no more seats available. The online reservation also implies that the student must sign a self-certification on the state of health and compliance with the rules imposed by university safety protocols.

Students and Professors must have the Green Pass and wear the FFP2 masks.

The possibility of participating online will be guaranteed to all students through a live streaming of the lectures.


Exams will be conducted in presence. However, there will also be an online exam call, in order to ensure that all students have the opportunity to take exams (should they be unable to take exams in person on campus due to proven reasons such illness resulting from Covid, or if they can provide medical certification that they are in quarantine, or for foreign students who are prevented from returning to Italy, or for students who reside outside Rome, or for frail students or students with frail family situations).

The above conditions must be self-declared on Delphi when registering for the exams. Registration will be guaranteed up to two days before the date of the exam call.

In the event that one of the conditions that prevents students from taking the exam in person occurs after the deadline for the exam registration, students who have regularly booked it in DELPHI may submit a justified request to take the exam via Teams. This request must be sent to the Professor in charge of the exam, who may grant the request.

Checks on the veracity of declarations will be carried out exclusively by the central administration. Certifications/documentations cannot be requested by Professors.

Students will be able to access all the exam calls within each exam session.

Checks on the veracity of the declarations will be carried out exclusively by the by the central administration. Certifications/documentations cannot therefore be requested by Professors.