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Language certificates

Internationally recognised official B2 level (CEF) language certificates such as DELF B2 (French language), DELE B2 (Spanish language), etc.

The certificate is worth 6 credits.

NOTE: English proficiency certificates are not recognised.
For those presenting language certification, they must submit it no later than 1 month before graduation in the Business Administration office.


  • International Certification of Digital Literacy

ICDL Full Standard certificate may be obtained at any test center AICA (Associazione italiana per l'informatica ed il calcolo distribuito); IAD School at Tor Vergata University or at any authorised test centers abroad.

In case ICDL Full standard certificate was obtained before enrolling in the Master programme, students can present the updated license to be obtained in the centres mentioned above.

The certificate is worth 6 credits.


  • Certification ISIPM-Base issued by the Italian Institut of Project Management.



NOTE: Those presenting certifications must submit them no later than 1 month before graduation day in the Business Administration programme office.