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management consulting in digital age

Course overview

The course objective is to provide master level students with an in-depth exposure to the way leading management consulting firms are developing digital transformation projects in order to be better prepared for a future career in management consulting. Digitalization is significantly affecting business models, business processes and organizational boundaries. To deal with the pace that digitalization is changing organizations, there is a need to understand and explore new skills and capabilities associated with digital transformation. Management Consulting firms are driving this transformation process. In order to do so they are recruiting consultants with skills and capabilities associated with digital transformation.

The course gives participants the opportunity to:

  • Deepen their knowledge on digital transformation processes
  • Get exposed to leading consulting/IT companies in terms of simulation of the working environment and recruitment opportunities.

The course is based on five business cases in five days dealing with how digital technologies (mainly Social Media, Mobile technologies, Advanced Analytics/AU, Blockchain and IoT/Cloud) are enabling business models innovation as well as business process redesign in the areas of Strategy, Marketing & Sales and Supply Chain.

Participants to the summer school will be invited to get at least a basic knowledge of digital transformation processes through a short online course.

  • Every business case is developed in collaboration with a leading consulting firm/software vendor covering the impact of a given   digital technology on a few business areas/industries.
  • Every day students, after an initial class on the topic, will work in team on the business case and in the afternoon will present their analysis to a senior consultant.

The course will start on Sunday after with a warm-up sessions to have the chance to know each and to share the course approach.
The course will finish on Saturday morning with a wrap-up session, sharing the feedback on the course both as to contents and as to group dynamics.

Contact: digitalconsulting.yerun@mscba.uniroma2.it



The course is open to a maximum of 50 participants.

Given that:
20 participants will be selected from European universities belonging to the YERUN network
20 participants will be selected from the MSc in Business Administration - University of Rome Tor Vergata
10 participants will be selected among University of Rome Tor Vergata students from other courses, including data science and informatics.

The cost of the programme is €1.500.

The participation is free for the YERUN students as well as for the MSc Business Administration students.

The participation will be supported by scholarships as to other University of Tor Vergata students who will have the opportunity to receive a scholarship from Fondazione Raeli fully covering the costs.


  • Accommodation (accommodations will be shared rooms from 30th June (Check-in during afternoon) to 6th July (Check-out in the morning). Opening session is on Sunday afternoon (30th June) . More information will be provided on arrival.
  • Meals

Participants are expected to fund: Travel expenses and eventual additional expenses for accommodation (the request of a single room, any extra drink/food).


The core of the program is built upon 5 business cases in five days (Monday-Friday), each managed with the support of a different consulting firm/software vendor. Each business case should deal with a different key topic/different departments/business processes,
triggering the development of different skills

The program will be structured as follows:

  •  on Sunday afternoon: arrival of the participants and a 2 hours class on “Managing a consulting project”;
  •  every day from 9:00 to 18:00 participants will start attending a 1 hour class on a topic related to digital transformation and then they will work on a business case prepared by a consultingcompany/software vendor. In the evening after launch the best analysis and/or presentation will be chosen.
  •  on Saturday morning: there will be a wrap-up lecture on digital transformation and on the skills learned during the course and then a final launch will end the programme.

Application process for YERUN students


In order to apply for the Summer School, you must provide the following:
• A motivation letter highlighting why you believe the participation to this course is important for your future professional career. In this letter, please add the program you are attending (MSc in Management/Business, MSc in Economics or any other program) as well as the exams you passed that you consider somehow related to this topic (from strategy to IT).

Please send your CV and motivation letter to the following address: digitalconsulting.yerun@mscba.uniroma2.it


The deadline to send the CV and the motivation letter is May 27th 2019 with the final results by May 31th 2019.


Application process for students enrolled in the MSc in Business Administration

How to apply

The selection of candidates will be based on:
- the performance during the MSc in Business Administration in terms of marks and credits obtained (GPA).
- the Curriculum vitae;
- the motivation letter.

The Master of Science in Business Administration will cover the participation fee and subsistence expenses, not any travel cost.

For further information about requirements and how to apply, download the announcement here.



Applications must be sent by  May 10th 2019, following the instructions contained in the announcement.

Useful information

Master of Science in Business Administration students will obtain 3 credits (CFU).


Application process for Tor Vergata students (not enrolled in the MSc in Business Administration)

How to apply

For the academic year 2018/2019,  10 scholarships will be assigned to students of the University of Rome "Tor Vergata" (not enrolled in the MSc Business Administration) by the "Sebastiano e Rita Raeli per Tor Vergata" Foundation.

The amount of the scholarship is € 1,500 that will be refunded within the end of July 2019.

For further information about requirements and how to apply, download the announcement here.


You can send your application within June 3rd 2019 (12:00), following the instructions contained in the announcement.

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