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An internship in Italy or abroad is worth 6 credits and has specific administrative procedures to be carried out by the student as follows, otherwiswe the internship will not be considered valid in order to obtain credits.

Documents needed to recognise the credits

  • evaluation form to be filled in by the host institution supervisor
  • evaluation form to be filled in by the trainee
  • attendance sheets, signed and stamp by the host institution
  • final report to be written by the host institution supervisor regarding the performed activities, the skills achieved and a general feedback on the internship carried out by the trainee.

The evaluation forms will be sent to the trainee around one month before the end of the internship

Other forms to be completed when necessary:

  • Internship Extension/Interruption
  • Student transfer

Both forms can be obtained from the MSc Programme Office. For further information you can contact Claudia Lombardi by email at placement@mscba.uniroma2.it


Documents needed to start the internship

  • the training agreement
  • the training project

In  order  to  obtain  6 credits the  internship  must  last  at  least  three  months  and  must  be  full-time.

Changes in the above-mentioned conditions must be approved by the Director  of the Master of Science beforehand.

Find the host institution

  • throught  Desk Imprese service
  • on students  own means. In  that  case  the  internship  must  be  approved  by  the  Director of the Master  of Sciencein Business Administration

Once  you  have  found  the  Host  Institution, you  must  collect  the  documents to  start the  internship  in  the MSc Programme Office.


The project work is an activity that can be carried out only by students who have a permanent job contract.

It is a written report whose topic relates to the field of the student’s job. It should be examined by using abilities and skills developed during both the work experience and the Master of Science in Business Administration programme.

In order to be considered as a worker, the student has to submit a formal declaration issued by the employer indicating the duration, job activity and the weekly time schedule. The student will be guided and monitored by a Supervisor who will evaluate the final report.

The project work is worth 3 or 6 credits.