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A cycle of seminars to teach students what soft skills really are

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When a company decides to hire someone, it will need to find the person who embodies the perfect blend of three fundamental features: education, experience and soft skills. The first two can be found on the CV o on LinkedIn, but what about the soft skills? What are soft skills? Soft skills are personal attributes which enable someone to interact effectively and harmoniously with other people (Wikipedia). It is essential nowdays, for anyone seeking to fullfill their career and meet the available job opportunities to work and develop their soft skills.

Starting next April 26th students of business administration will be offered the opportunity to follow 3 enlighting seminars about Soft Skills:

First Prof. Kerstin Kathy Meyer-Ross of Dresden University will present a 3-day seminar named "Creativity", then consultant Nicola De Benedictis will introduce his 2-day seminar called "Behavioral Job Interviewing Strategies", and finally on May 20th Paolo Casamassima and Marco Sartarelli will meet Tor Vergata students for their lesson "Ill Get That Job!".

Only 20 participants will be allowed to attend this cycle of seminar because many of the activities we scheduled are to be made in a small group; priority in this sense will be given to 2nd year students.

 DOWNLOAD FULL PROGRAM (updated 31/03)

Creativity - Kerstin Kathy Meyer-Ross (Dresden University)

Everyone wants to be creative. Without creativity there is only repetition and routine. Creativity is needed for change, improvement and new directions. Too many people believe that creativity is a talent with which some people are born and the rest can only envy.
However, everybody is creative. Creativity is a skill that can be learned, developed and applied.
Creativity is a skill that everyone can practice and use.
The 5-days workshop is designed into units.

Day one to three tackles with Popular Techniques, like SMART, Network Diagrams, Brainstorming, Mind Maps, Gallery Method, 635 Method and the Zwicky Box. Students will design a creative (Scientific) Poster at the end of the day. If time, Random Words will already be introduced for finding a smart title.

On day four and five the Random Word (–Technique) will be proceeded (or introduced) and practiced. The whole unit is an exercise on Random Words.
Students will get used to the technique and exercise on going beyond the obvious, problem-solving, constructive and perceptual creativity, associations, and possibilities.
The Six Thinking Hats will be established and the students will try out and practice the Six Thinking Hats in one or two role-plays. Students will love the practical and positive approach to making decisions.
  • 26th April 4 – 6 pm (Aula B)
  • 27th April 4 – 6 pm (Aula B)
  • 28th April 2 – 6 pm (Aula B)
  • 29th April 2 – 6 pm (Aula B)
Kerstin Kathy Meyer-Ross

Behavioral Job Interviewing Strategies - Nicola De Benedictis

Main Objective
Behavioral Job Interviewing Strategies aims to give a global vision to identify and define an individual action plan to achieve long-lasting professional goals. The module is structured in 3 hours in classroom focused on student-job market link and action plan (modules from I to V) and 1 hour of team building focused on a job selection (modules from VI). The project ends with 4 hours of follow-up meeting with students fine-tuning on specific professional project (2 – 6 pm).   

Path structure
The seminar is divided into 6 topics of four hours to face the critical process related to the first job seeking and to personnel selection by specialised companies with a focus on professional profiling, targets, players and methods. The modules will be taught on interactive and experiential basis with more than 50% of the time dedicated to analysis, interaction and debate to represent a pragmatic and decisional approach based on purpose-solution-action.


5th of May 2016

14.00 – 18.00 Aula C

6th of May 2016

9.00 – 13.00 Aula P11
Nicola De Benedictis - LinkedIn Reorg-Consulting

I’ll Get That Job! - Paolo Casamassima and Marco Sartarelli

The seminar will aim to analyse the complexity of today’s job market, providing a number of job-hunting tips aiming to enable job-hunters to increase their chance. The topics covered will include social media presence; researching the hidden job market; conduct a successful networking; CV and cover letters writing and conducting a successful interview.
Mr. Casamassima and Mr. Santerelli will hold a one-to-one meeting from 2 – 6 pm.

  • 20th May, 9 am – 1 pm (P57)
  • 20th May 2 – 6 pm (P57)
Paolo Casamassima - LinkedIn Orient  Capital
Marco Sartarelli - LinkedIn MS Partners LLP