Tuition Fees - a.a. 2018/19

Tuition fees at the University of Rome Tor Vergata for the AY 2018/2019 will be based on the student’s family income. Yearly tuition fee amounts vary depending on the family income is certified by the ISEEU index in CAF office as follows:

  • Annual Family Income lower than 13.000 euro: Students with an ISEEU lower than 13.000 euro are in the tuition “no-tax area” and will only be charged with a tuition of 156,00 euro per year; students applying for the Laziodisu scholarship benefits will only be charged with 16,00 euro.(*)
  • Annual Family Income between 13.001 and 30.000 euro: Students with an ISEEU ranging be-tween 13.001 and 30.000 euro will be charged with a fee not higher than 1.190,00 euro.
  • Annual Family Income higher than 30.000 euro: For students with an ISEEU higher than 30.000 euro, tuition fees rise linearly for ISEEUs lower than 90.000 euro; for ISEEUs greater than 90.000 euro, tuition fees remain constant at the maximum tuition level.
(*)students applying to Laziodisu who are not granted the scholarship, will have to pay the fees based on their ISEEU, like all other students.
Programme Minimum Fee Maximum Fee
MSc in Business Administration €156,00 €5.250,00

How to Calculate Tuition Fees based on Family Income

Students should submit all requirement documents to CAF office. Then CAF office will issue the ISEEU module necessary for each student in order to  determine the student’s yearly tuition fee amount based on the student’s family income.

Not submitting the ISEEU to the University will imply for the student the payment based on the maximum rate of the yearly fee of the course (80% of the maximum rate for the students coming from low-income economies or lower-middle-income economies(*) ; 100% of the maximum rate for all the other international students).

(*) Please check here the list of relevant countries (Art.1), according to the Italian Ministry of Education

For International Students

International students’ family income can only be certified by the Italian Diplomatic Authorities (local Consulate or local Embassy), which students should consult in order to know what documents are needed for such certification. Once the proper documentation is submitted to the Italian Diplomatic Authority, it will provide the student with the certified documents that need to be brought to any CAF Office (Italian Tax Service Centres) upon arriving in Rome. The rest of the procedure is equal as is described above.

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