Students are required to earn 6 ECTS as OTHER ACTIVITIES by:

  1. Performing an internship in Italy or abroad (read more)
  2. Doing an internship or volunteering experience with AIESEC.
  3. Obtaining an internationally recognized language certificate at B2 level or above (It must be previously authorized by the coordinator). Students do not receive credits for language proficency certificates in English or in their native language. (FRENCH LANGUAGE COURSES offered by our Faculty).
  4. Attending external training courses or Summer School. (It must be previously authorized by the coordinator)
  5. Attending seminars and workshops offered by the Bsc BA&E and passing the exam.
  6. Obtaining the GMAT during the academic path
  7. Participation in research projects offered by the Departments of the Faculty of Economics. (This is a research activity within a project promoted by a Department (including third parties). The activation request for such research should be sent to the BSc Coordinator by the teacher in charge of the project, to obtain the authorization. On the basis of the agreed project, the period of activity may not exceed 3 months of work (six credits) or less than 1.5 months (3 credits). At the end of the working period, the student, together with the teacher in charge, have to draw up a report on its activity, which will be sent to the B&E Coordinator for the approval.

For the activities from 2 to 5, 3 ECTS will be provided; for the activity number 1 and number 6, 6 ECTS will be provided. For activity number 7, as already explained, the number of ECTS depends on the period of activity.

Further activities to earn 6 ECTS as extra activities must be authorized by the BA&E Programme Office.

Notice that all the above-mentioned activities must be completed during the three-year of the Bsc programme.