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What is VGen HUB Tor Vergata?

VGen is a community of young talents, who propose ideas and solutions for social and technological innovation. Born in Tor Vergata in 2018 is now well-established in Italy, counting several HUBs and more than 300 under 30 talents as members.

Through challenges and events, VGen aims to connect companies with new generations of students, startups and freelancers. Our strongest belief is the leading and pivotal role of  new generations in social and technological change.

Challenges & Other Activities

A VGen HUB is a Chapter of the VGen community, formed by those students that showed great interest in developing VGen activities inside their own university.

  • Challenges: award competitions structured by VGen LAB (the startup) with business partners, that are funneled towards the VGen community. The HUB will pe place of support for students involved and team groups will be created for some challenges.
  • Events: connect the startup and innovation environment to the university by inviting experts to talk inside the university as well as online webinars and hackathons.
  • Articles: HUB’s members can write in the VGen Blog and make interviews.

          2. JOIN US: Be part of the Value Generation! Do not miss the opportunity to challenge yourself.

          To discover something more on us: https://www.vgen.it/


VGen HUB Tor Vergata:
Local President and Referent: Elena Marfori
Email address: elena.marfori@vgen.it
Facebook and LinkedIn page: VGen

BAE Members

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