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The bachelor in Business Administration & Economics is a undergraduate degree course useful to cope with the complexity of a global economy. The programme provides the competencies and the conceptual and methodological tools to meet the challenges of the economic system and the internal dynamics of organisations and institutions that elaborate their strategies in it. It is a three - year programme fully taught in English: the first two academic years share a base of common training courses, while in the third year, students can choose between two different curricula, Business Administration (course code T16) or Economics (course code T17).


Free Masterclass IELTS

IELTS Masterclass are free and addressed to students who want to obtain a score at least equal to 6. They will be held on February 26 at 11 AM and at 3 PM in room P3. Registrations to be sent: laboratorio.linguistico@economia.uniroma2.it 

Challenge: CEO for 1 month

The CEO for 1 month is an initiative promoted by the ADECCO Group Foundation to enhance youths' leadership skills and more, by shadowing the CEO at the country-level first and, after attending a  Global Bootcamp, at worldwide level then. Deadline to apply: February, 27th.

Erasmus+ Call 2020/2021

The Erasmus+ Call is finally available. Deadline: February 28 at 12 PM.


The new Call for Applications for the a.y. 2020/2021 is now on-line!

• 1st Call: February 4 – March 5, 2020
• 2nd Call: April 16 – June 4, 2020

Important: Non-EU students residing abroad can apply only to the 1st call!



Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting 101 - 6 CFU
Friday 21 February 2020
The Hard Path For The Technological Transformation
Friday 21 February 2020
This seminar (3 CFU for Extra Activities) will cover the following topics: Data Analysis, Digital Marketing, CRM Software and Gamification. The seminar...
Excel: From Zero To Hero - 6 CFU
Friday 21 February 2020
This course introduces the student to all the important fundamental and advanced features of Microsoft Excel and it is structured to give maximum “hands-on”...
Innovation & Sustainability - 3 CFU
Monday 24 February 2020
Master of Science in Business Administration and Business Administration & Economics, in collaboration with EIIS, present a cycle of seminars about innovation...