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MSc Coordinator

Prof. Stefano Herzel

Building B (Ricerca), 1st Floor, Room 35

Phone: +39 06 7259 5946

MSc Committee

Prof. Marianna Brunetti, Associate Professor of Financial Econometrics
Dr. Eloisa Campioni, Researcher in Economics
Prof. Rocco Ciciretti, Associate Professor of Theory of Finance
Dr. Vincenzo Farina, Researcher in Investment Banking

Programme Office

Mrs. Martina Spaziani
Building B (Ricerca), DEF, 1st Floor, Room 1A.07

Admission Office 

Mrs. Camilla Stella
Building B (Ricerca), Presidenza, 1st Floor, Room 1A.10

Students' Administrative Office

The Students' Administrative Office of the School of Economics is responsible for the administrative path of the students: starting from the enrollment, including fees and administrative deadlines, until the obtainment of their Master's Degree.
Front Office: Building B (Ricerca), DEF, Ground Floor
Hours: Monday and Friday 9-12, Wednesday 9-12 and 14-16
Website: link

Student Representative

Luigi Mazza