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In order to obtain the Master of Science degree, students are required to present and defend their written thesis in front of the Examination Board.
To be admitted to the graduation session students must earn all the credit points provided for in the programme structure (96 credit points). The thesis  is worth 24 credit points according to the programme structure of the MSc Programme.

The thesis is evaluated on contents, presentation and defense. The graduation is composed of an oral presentation and of the defense which includes answering questions and discussing issues raised by the members of the Examination Board. Then the Board determines the student's graduation grade. The evaluation is expressed out of 110. Students pass the final degree exam if they obtain a mark of at least 66. The Board can unanimously award "lode" (cum laude) as a special distinction.

In order for your thesis to be accepted, it must also pass the Turnitin Anti-plagiarism Check.

The thesis preparation is divided into the following phases:

  • Assignment of the thesis
  • Admission to the graduation session and thesis submission;
  • Thesis oral presentation and awarding of the graduation grade.


The thesis supervisor, who will supervise the progress of the work, formally assigns the thesis. Once the thesis has been assigned, the thesis supervisor will nominate, among the professors, a co-examiner to act as the interlocutor during the defense of the thesis.


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Graduation session: March 22, 2018

Graduation date Deadline for the presentation of the request – Student administrative office (Segreteria Studenti) Deadline for the upload of thesis on Delphi
March 22, 2018 From February 5 to February 21, 2018 March 15, 2018

You will have to present the following documents:

  • Application form from DELPHI
  • Photocopy of the payment of "Bollettino 500" of 130 €
  • Booklet (or a photocopy of it, in case you still have exams to undertake by the end of the semester)

Please note:
-  You no longer need to print and sign the request for allocation thesis (this part of Delphi is not updated)
-  In case you decide to cancel from the session, you must do it 15 days before the date following these steps: a) Delete the application from Delphi; b) go to the students administrative office and submit an official declaration of withdraw

Consult the Guideline

Forms and procedures for admission to the graduation session are online at http://delphi.uniroma2.it

As concerns the session in March, please refer to Deferral enrollment or "Domanda cautelativa".


Degree Certificate: the degree certificate can be issued by the Students' Administrative Office of the School of Economics (at the Ground Floor of Building B). You have to bring two duty stamps of euro 16.00 each, one for the request and one for each copy of the certificate. The document is available in English or Italian.

Diploma Supplement: once graduated, the Students' Administrative Office of the School of Economics (at the Ground Floor of Building B) can issue the diploma supplement containing the exams' list and marks. The document is available in English or Italian and it is free.

Degree Parchment: it is not immediately available. When the Parchment will be available, the Students' Administrative Office of the School of Economics will contact you for the degree parchment's pick up.